Chiang YickChing imagined himself as the finest tailor of men’s clothing. The CYC story started in 1935 with the highest quality of tailoring and craftsmanship, admired by statesmen and connoisseurs alike. Eight decades later, the time is ripe for the CYC brand to express our new vision with a new identity. CYC Made to Measure and CYC Corporate Label is our two key offers, each with their voices but sharing fundamental CYC values and striving to enhance the image of our customers in an authentic and inspiring way.

Awesome Feature:

  • Select style- It helps you select Collars, Cuffs, Fit, Plackets, Pockets, Sleeves, and so much more. The software enables combining the selected attributes, and the shirt is instantly visualized in an outfit of your choice.
  • Rotate to visualize- Visualize your personized shirt in 5 views, i.e., front, back, side, folded, and collar view before placing an order in real-time
  • Responsive design software- Adaptable with all gadgets and browsers as a design software built on JavaScript/HTML5
  • Select fabric- The selected fabric is instantly mapped for final visualization on the shirt mannequin.
  • Monogram- Personalize with a monogram, customize fonts and placement of text.
  • Size selection- Pick up a standard size, enter the body measurement, or you can send your best-fitted shirt.


  • To manage the size measurement prior to the customization.
  • Once the customer selected the size measurement before the customization of the product, then the same measurement option should be displayed after the product added to the cart.
  • Meeting the client’s expectations of design.

Solution Provided By Us

We offered them a platform where customer can design their shirt online by choosing from a wide range of styles, accents, fabrics, and get a real-time perspective of how the fabric will look on the shirt.

Solution Category

  • Customization Software