Monegrow is a digital finance platform where the user can add all of their financial information and keep proper management of all details. They can connect with professional users to consult and get the proper advice on their further financial activities. Users can add and update their finance-related information like account balance, property, assets, loans & credit cards (debts), and bank accounts. This platform also allows professional users to bring in their own clients as users, leveraging the platform to help and advise them for better financial outcomes. Digital finance holds an enormous opportunity for greater financial inclusion and expansion of basic services.

The Challenges


  • Track bank account and credit card transactions
  • Track credit score performance.
  • Track asset values including real estate and motor vehicles.
  • Track share portfolio and superannuation fund performance.
  • Track cash and debt and net worth balances.
  • Track financial performance against their peer group as a renter, homeowner, property or share investor.
  • Set financial goals and link them to asset or account balance values to track performance.
  • Set up a personal profile to create information required for digital finance applications.
  • Invite their professionals (broker, accountant, lawyer, property manager, etc.) to the platform.
  • Engage with professionals via chat, email or SMS and track communication history.
  • Control how they share profile and financial information with their professionals.
  • Save financial information to an integrated encrypted file sharing to make the mortgage application and accounting compliance processes seamless and paperless.
  • Review and select professionals from a directory to build and work with their advisory team.

Key Features of Professionals

  • Invite clients to use Monegrow for free, which will add the advisor automatically as each client’s adviser in the relevant profession category.
  • Create and publish new content on Monegrow and publish automatically to social media.
  • Engage with clients via chat, email or SMS and track communication history.
  • Sync and access client information, finance applications, accounting documents and shared block chain encrypted document storage, sharing and e-signing tools.
  • Create custom rules to identify client milestones, which trigger new sales opportunities.
  • Generate new clients through the professional directory and lead generation tools.
  • Review client financial KPI’s and performance in real time.


  • Implementation and management of multiple APIs within the system.
  • Development and integration of patented algorithm for calculating credit scores.
  • Developing seamless user journey.
  • Realtime data capturing and displaying.

Solution Category

  • Custom platform development, product development, mobile application development, web application development, UI design and development.