Easythinx, enables the notary service providers to sign-up, take an annual subscription, register customer service, invite customers to join those services, make channels for the service request and develop communication with the customer. They can view and download notary-based documents uploaded by customers, save the history of conversion, and can fulfill notary requests.

Awesome Feature

Key Features of Service Provider:

  • After sign-up, the service provider will complete their profile for notary service requests.
  • The service provider can create a service and invite the customer to join by entering the customer’s email id.
  • Group chats to communicate with the customers for the service request.
  • Documentation channel to manage the documents of the customer in one place for the service request
  • The service provider can upload, download, review and/or modify the documents uploaded by the customer
  • The user can also convert the JPG/PNG image to PDF document or PDF document to JPG/PNG image with the help of OCR option

Key Features of Customer

  • A communication channel to communicate with their service provider via text-based chat system.
  • Documentation channel to upload all the documents of the service request at one place.
  • The customer can search for a particular file and message by entering the keyword in the search bar.
  • The user can also convert the JPG/PNG image to PDF document or PDF document to JPG or PNG image with the help of OCR option.


  • Implementation and management of multi-currency and multi-language in the system
  • OCR Implementation and We Transfer API


Solution Category

  • Poral Development, Website Design and Development.