Taxxies offer passengers an easy way to find a taxi in their daily movements from home to work and to places where they enjoy more affordable and comfortable taxi rides. Employees can share a taxi in a smart way to reach their workplace with major savings. Parents can ensure transportation to their family members in a safe manner. College Students can return to their homes having a fun time during the ride. Live passenger tracking makes it convenient for our taxi drivers to reach the exact location without wasting time. With Taxxies, Taxi drivers will be able to provide easier and safer service to the society can now have easy financial settlements and at the same time reduce traffic jams, car accidents, traffic tickets and finally fuel consumption when the taxi is routing search for a passenger.

Awesome Feature

Key Features of Passenger App:

  • Book Now – Quickly book a taxi in a few seconds.
  • Scheduled for Later- Schedule a taxi for a future date and time.
  • Get Real Time Arrival – Get accurate arrival times of their taxi.
  • Get a Fare Estimation- Get approximate fares by providing their start and destination point.
  • Seamless Payment- Pay the fare by cash, wallet, and partial cash & wallet
  • Track Driver – View their driver location on a map in real time.
  • Promo Codes – Apply promo/offer codes to save a few bucks.
  • Cancel Booking – Cancel rides anytime in case of any changes.
  • Contact Driver – Communicate with the driver using application inbuilt messaging and call system after booking
  • Ride History – View all their ongoing, future & completed rides in one place.
  • Invite Friends – Invite their friends & receive the free
  • Mark as Favorite – Mark any address as a favorite for their consistent rides
  • Middle Destination- Should have the option to have a two-stop ride by specifying the middle destination
  • Book for Other- Book ride for friends and family.

Key Features of Driver App

  • Easy Onboarding – Simple registration process of the driver to get started.
  • Add Documents- Upload necessary documents like Civil ID, Driving License, Taxi Driving Permission, and Car Registration Document to verify the profile
  • Availability Status- To change availability status, the driver can toggle between two: Online and Offline
  • Accept or Reject Request – Once a request is received, the driver can review the ride details and accept or reject the ride in the limited time frame.
  • Contact Passenger – Communicate with the passenger using application inbuilt messaging and call system after booking
  • Start & End Ride- Mark starts the ride and end a ride to get automated bills.
  • Ride Information- Get necessary details about their Passenger for a seamless pickup and drop.
  • Map Navigation- Google maps navigation to get the best route to pick up & drop off location.
  • Ride History- View all their ongoing, future & completed rides in one place.
  • Invite Friends- Invite their friends & receive free credit.

Key Features of the Admin Console

  • Dashboard- Get quick summary, statistics on operation, and performance.
  • Manage Drivers- Add/Edit/Delete the driver, Active/Inactive driver status, Review driver request.
  • Manage Passenger- Admin can view details of all the platform users, see their ride details, and more.
  • Manage Rides- Manage all the ride details at one place
  • Manage reports- Get useful stats and insights to make data-driven decisions and grow the platform.
  • Manage Taxi type- Update your taxi offering to different passengers.
  • Manage Finance- view the driver finance information and generate payment voucher & payment receipt
  • Manage Booking Requests- View all the incoming booking requests, driver details who accept request, status, etc.
  • Manage region- Add/Edit/Delete the regions to provide the taxi booking service as a part of an operation
  • Manage Fare- Manage the fare setting according to taxi type and region
  • Manage Target Plans- Create target plans, assign to the drivers, and provide discount after completion of the target plan.


  • Implementing the Google MAPS APIs to get the driver location and to display the ride within the app with precise details
  • Waiting time calculation
  • Show the planned & actual traveled route on the map
  • Partial payment functionality
  • Quick Matching Algorithm to assign the request to nearest 5 drivers
  • Multilingual functionality

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