Wellness Official is an online marketplace for practitioners & brands for the global wellness community. On this platform customer get the option of sign-up, search for products & make payment for purchasing that product. Customers can also search for the practitioner, view their availability of calendar & can book the appointment with them by making payment. This platform also allows the customer to view the articles posted by the practitioner.
On the other hand, the practitioner will register on the website as an individual or company, take a subscription plan for opening the store, list their product & sell it to the customer. The practitioner can also write articles about their products & post them on the website. The practitioner can also schedule their availability on the calendar & receive an appointment request from the customer. Practitioners as a company can do the registration of their employees, schedule employee’s availability on the calendar, receive appointment requests from the customer then the employee can log in to the website and view their appointment requests.

Awesome Feature:
  • View Product catalog – Customers views the list of categories of products. He can filter, sort and search the products.
  • Check Delivery Availability – Customer can check for delivery availability by entering the zip code.
  • Message – The customer will be able to communicate with the practitioners and employee by sending the messages.
  • Book Appointment – The customer will be able to book an appointment with practitioners and employees.
  • Rating and Review – The customer can rate and review a product and a practitioner once he has purchased the product or rendered a service.
  • Track order: The customer will track his ordered product.

Key Features for Practitioner

  • Create Store – Practitioners makes the registration of their store by entering the required details and selecting a subscription plan.
  • Upload Products – Practitioners can upload products to their stores.
  • Create Employee Account – Practitioners who are registering as a Company only those will have the facility to create their employee’s account here.
  • Manage Availability – Practitioner & Employee can schedule their slots according to their availability.
  • Appointment Request: Practitioner & Employee gets a notification if any Customer books an appointment with them.
  • Article Posting- Practitioner are able to write the article for their products & also insert meta tags and keywords for the articles. The articles will be displayed in their store.
  • Shipping Management: Practitioner manages the deliveries according to product orders received from different customers.
  • Order Management- Practitioner manages his orders received from different customers.


  • Meeting the design expectation and creating seamless user flow on website and mobile.
  • Strip split payment integration.

Solution Category

  • Custom portal development, UI design and development.