WOTSize is an online size advisor which enables the customers to get their best fit on the exact garments chosen by giving the answers of simple questions to profile their body shape and size.

Awesome Feature:
  • Select your Gender & Your Measurements: As per the selection of product, it will automatically take his gender and the customer will enter the height (either in cm or in) and weight (either in kg or lbs)
  • Select your belly shape- The customer will select the possible belly shape for their height & weight
  • Select chest Shape- The customer will select the possible chest shape (Slimmer, Average, Broader)
  • Select your hip shape- The customer will select the possible hip shape (Straighter, Average, Fuller)
  • Bra Size- The customer will select the bra size (bust) and cup
  • Age- The customer will enter their age as it impacts on how the weight is distributed
  • Fit Preference- The user can choose their fit preference that they want the product to be tighter or looser by scrolling on the line.
  • Recommendation – The user can view the best fit recommendation based on the size that the people like them bought.


  • The complex task to develop a Magento plugin compatible with Community and Enterprise edition.
  • Implementing the Size prediction algorithm.
  • Domain and sub-domain concept as per the plugin installation.

Solution Provided By Us

We offered them a modulethat help the customers get the size data right for the first time, reduce the return rate, save time, improve the accuracy of purchase requests and provide valuable insights for E-commerce businesses specific to fit.

Solution Category

  • Website Module .