Going through the toughest phase due to COVID-19 can we now expect the some positive and cherishing moments, as the holiday is all set to start? It would be challenge for some ecommerce stores to bounce back with ease of lockdown protocols. Still this holiday season might turn out to be transforming phase for those. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving and other occasions are set to create a great momentum in the market, as gifting is an integral part of human nature.

Online shopping peaked during the lockdown as ecommerce players become the only source of procuring things. Some witnessed a multifold surge in the growth figure. As we enter the new normal phase in this pandemic, arranging a massive discount shopping sale isn’t an option for the business. Stores are now emphasizing on ecommerce sales.

So, it is now time to setup your online store with the most effective ecommerce platform, Shopify.

How To Make Your Holiday Season Profitable With Shopify?

There is a long check list which needs to be followed while preparing for high volume holidays.

Leverage best user and personalized experience

Today’s consumer craves a personalized experience when they shop online. Is your site ready to deliver? To have a successful holiday season, your ecommerce store should have a solid infrastructure, industry-leading uptime, and updated third-party integrations.

Hit email marketing.

Aim for an initial announcement email, followed by a couple of valuable emails designed to keep your client’s product top of mind. Also, consider offering exclusive pre-sales coupons only for email subscribers. Focus on subject lines, transactional emails, landing pages, reminder notifications, and many others.

Test your infrastructure. 

Your online store should capable enough to handle more transactions and traffic. Run a series of load tests to make sure that your servers can serve the request smoothly. Prefer guidance of your ecommerce platform, like Shopify for better assistance. It can help in determining the number of visits and traffic patterns.

Check your site speed. 

Your page should take less than three seconds to load and no more than that, or else it would shoot up your bounce rate. If your upload speed is not optimal, you should prefer a Shopify app Page Speed Optimizer tool to get a detailed list of approvals on what to change, how to optimize the size of your images for the web or reduce redirects. Also check the number of many plug-ins and applications can also slow down your website.

Evaluate your third-party integrations.

View your third-party integrations. Are they adding value to your operations? Analyse them, make sure they can balance the order processing. Last-minute add-ons can pause an aspect of your feed or slow down your site.

Keep an eye on abandonment

Customers can abandon shopping for any reason and you cannot bring them back, but can plan strategies that can make their online shopping experience memorable. When sending a push notification, they are reminded of the products they left behind, in order to convince them to make the purchase. These notifications doubled and sometimes tripled the click through rate of a targeted email.

Important Days To Plan Your Ecommerce Season Sale Strategy With Shopify

What is exactly the holiday season? It is the period of time starting from Thanks Giving Day to New Year Eve. Companies, online stores lay their selling strategies to lure customers. If you are online retailers, below are days that yield high returns.

  • Thanksgiving day
  • Black Friday
  • Cyber Monday
  • Christmas Eve
  • New Year Eve

Tips to make your products and collections more appealing and season specific

  • Create a unique holiday store on your app or websites with seasoned collections and holiday themes
  • Deliver your products with gift wrapping and with customized designs that meets the seasonal theme
  • Leverage digital gift cards
  • Revamp your website and app with season theme

This festive season is expected to bring the good old days back for the retailers. However, retailers and businesses operating online should align with the accelerated digital transformation. Adopt smart technologies and ecommerce development frameworks for flourishing results.

Focus on promotion and marketing with reliable and result-oriented SEO tools. Consider Shopify ecommerce platform to make the most out of this shopping season with its effective tools and customization features.

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