Over a few decades, the way marketing and advertising are conducted for businesses has seen a paradigm shift. A few decades ago, newspapers and magazines were the sources of marketing for businesses. Television and radio ads were a highly expensive method of advertising. However, they are still in existence but are not that effective. Today is the era of digital marketing.   

Technology has changed rapidly. Today businesses are hiring online marketers to stay amid the cutthroat digital marketing competition. Search engines, social media, and advertising platforms play a vital role in figuring out online-selling strategies and branding effectiveness. Stat says that 81% of customers conduct online research before purchasing. You can approach one of the best digital marketing agencies to kickstart your brand’s digital presence and attract potential customers. If your business has overlooked the idea of digital marketing, then you might have lost a good number of potential customers till date. Doing it yourself can be a good idea, provided you have a sharp knowledge of the domain; else, it can backfire your personal approach. It is always advised to hire a digital marketing agency for better results.    

In fact, every type and size of business must rely on digital marketing to gain leads that can convert into buyers. If you are one of those business owners wondering how much a digital marketing agency can really help your business expand, we can ease your concern. Listed below are the top 10 ways a digital marketing agency can help in expanding any business model.   

Top 10 ways a digital marketing agency can help your business expand   

  • Email Marketing Campaigns  

You might have thought that email marketing is of no more importance. But the fact is that if executed precisely, it will make your readers adhere to every word and look forward to future correspondence. If not, your emails might get dumped without readers taking the pain in reading them.   

A strategically executed email campaign provides readers with valuable content highlighting exclusive deals and more. It not only seizes user attention but also builds a tangible relationship with your potential customers.     

A good digital marketing agency will-   

  • Remove inactive email addresses   
  • Design layouts that match your brand aesthetics   
  • Create separate email campaigns for different lead varieties     
  • Generate leads through email communications   
  • Create engaging email campaigns that can increase brand awareness and build trust   


  • Enhances Digital Visibility   

As we already know, the majority of shoppers research online before purchasing any products. Hence if you are working to boost your online visibility, then you stand a chance to be the first one to appear when your target audience looks for your product. If you don’t care about enhancing your brand’s visibility, your competitors will show up first.   

To be visible online, you will need a consistent social media presence and seamless mobile responsiveness on all your digital platforms.    

A diligent digital marketing agency will work accordingly, where all these factors interact. They will put their best efforts to ensure that you are the first one to pop-up when a customer searches for products/services belonging to your niche.   

  • Caters to Mobile Users 

Today, more number of people are using their smartphones and tablets than their PC or laptop unless they are working. People find it handy and take their smartphones everywhere they go. Therefore, a digital agency will know how to cater to those who use mobile gadgets efficiently so that they can see what your business has to offer. Stat says 52.95% of people use Mobile compared to 43.11% on desktop worldwide, as of July 2018.   

  • Content Creation and Optimization  

Content marketing is one of the promising ways to raise brand awareness. It focuses on building a strong relationship with potential customers by providing them the desired information in writing. No doubt, content marketing is a subtle way to win customers with indirect advertising. As per a report, content marketing revenue will exceed $300 billion by 2020.   

Stats say: 

  • 70% of internet users wish to learn about products through content than any traditional advertisements.   
  • 53% of marketers say that blogging is their top content marketing priority.   
  • 57% of content downloads generate leads with the highest conversion rates.   
  • 60% of marketers create at least one content piece each day. 

Often businesses are trapped in the archetypal advertisement. Each piece of content they post will feels like a blatant call for sale. Customers always look for some valuable information, and here they find no value addition. Thus, never return to their webpage.    

This is where the role of digital marketing agencies will pop-up. With their market expertise, they help you create engaging content that aims to answer potential clients’ queries. The way of answering may differ, including: 

  • Blogs and articles  
  • Guest articles   
  • Digital Contests  
  • Webinars  
  • Videos  
  • Apps  
  • Podcasts 

If you have realized creating engaging content is not easy. This gives you another reason to hire professionals who are pro at their approach.   

  • Helps in Traffic Conversion  

The objective of hiring a social media marketing agency is to bring quality traffic to your business. They efficiently use social media platforms to drive leads to your website. They even utilize techniques that will increase the chances of lead generation and conversion. And this is what makes this service cost-effective.   

By using the traditional ways of advertising, there is and was never a way to check on the conversion. And the latest way of advertising (i.e., online marketing) gives you the authority to monitor the traffic conversion.    

  • Cost-Effective way to bring your Business under the limelight  

It is already known that traditional marketing methods, such as using television and radio ads, cost very high. However, the cost of digital marketing is more affordable and efficient. Regardless of businesses investing in social media management, email marketing, SEO services, or other types of online marketing methods. It is affordable for businesses, which runs on the budget as they can choose the type of services they will utilize to outshine.   

Businesses run more smoothly by using digital marketing services as it saves their expense of hiring an in-house marketer. By hiring an online marketer from an agency means they will not have to worry about paying employee benefits as well.   

  • Data-driven analytics  

You might be happy with the likes and comments on your social media posts. Even your blogs are getting a few shares, but these are just vanity metrics. These engagements will not help you understand whether you are getting an equivalent return on your investments (ROI). Fortunately, a digital marketing agency can help you in getting concrete statistics and data analytics. They work after letting you know what exactly is working for a brand, whether the visible traffic can get converted into leads or not, and other related factors. They will not just track the numbers but will ensure that they improve over time. A few of the statistics you may expect are: 

  • Consumer engagement  
  • Site speed  
  • Macro and micro conversions  
  • Click-through rates (CTR)  
  • Organic, direct, referral, social, and paid traffic
  • Customer engagement and reputation management  

Social media has surely revolutionized the digital marketing game. Businesses and customers are now allowed to interact and communicate with each other with just a button click. The social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are necessities of today’s mobile-centric world. Just your existence on these sites is not enough; you have to become an active user to get engaged with your target audience. Getting a huge stream of social media traffic will mean nothing if you aren’t able to convert those visitors to leads and then into your customers.    

So, what is the solution? Who can help you with this?    

Well, again, the answer is a proficient digital marketing agency. They will not only keep your posts fresh but also-   

  • Listen to your audience wants and needs   
  • Personally, engage with them 
  • Respond to your customers in a way that leaves them satisfied and curates a positive reputation for your brand   

Often reputation management is overlooked in social media marketing. It is an effort to influence what and how people think of a brand when viewed online. In today’s digital era, consumers’ negative experience travels fast. Any type of negative reviews on Google+ Review, Just Dial, etc., can ruin your brand’s online reputation in seconds. However, joining hands with a good digital marketing company will not let that happen. They monitor customer feedback and interact directly with disgruntled customers to resolve their problems efficiently and quickly.   

  • Trust is built, and a brand reputation is created  

Any social media marketing agency’s only efforts are to help your brand build trust between the potential customer or client and the business. To make this happen, they gather testimonials from previous buyers to share with the public through websites and businesses’ social platforms. They also are forward in developing trust through engagement between the business and potential and existing customers.   

  • Online business survival is ensured  

Suppose your business website has many visitors, but they aren’t converting, then such visitors are of no concern for your business’s well-being as that alone cannot keep your business alive. You will always need to turn the leads into potential buyers. And this is how a digital marketing agency will ensure that your business survives and flourishes. It will make sure that those leads get converted into buyers by utilizing their tactics.   

Wrapping up   

The professionals at the top digital marketing agency like Best1Tech only want to ensure that your business survives and thrives. This is the reason why you need to rely on our professional services. 

Traditional marketing methods are not always effective, cost-effective, and guarantees that your business will survive. Hence, the best way to nurture your business is by hiring online marketers who can bring the success that your brand deserves.   

We will help you increase your ROI without expecting you to spend a ton of money on your in-house teams.   

Contact us to discuss further. 

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